Go Bootcamp Everything you need to know to get started with Go. Matt Aimonetti

Go basics plus practical tips.


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About the Author

Matt Aimonetti

Matt is Splice cofounder. He’s an active community member who contributed to many projects including the Go language. Matt is also a published author and who maintains his personal blog about tech and programming in general.


  • Evan Phoenix - Code Chef / Mad Scientist

    I’m sure this book is great, but I didn’t read it.

  • Chad Fowler - Author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer

    I like Haskell better, but if you want to write Go, you probably should read this awesome (free) book.


  • Is this book done?

    Not yet, I’m still working on it.

  • Is this book free?

    Yes and will stay free even when done.

  • I found a typo or have suggestion, can I contribute?

    Absolutely, send a pull request to the book repository.

  • Do I need to have Go installed?

    No, all code examples can be executed and modified from your browser as long as have you internet.

  • Some of the material seems familiar

    The book is largely based on the Go tour